Why Football Changed

I still think that football is the greatest sport in the world, however I do not enjoy it as much as i did in high school.  The transition from being a game that we play for fun and that we were playing with a group of friends from our childhoods in high school, to being a pure business in college.  Once you become a college athlete, you realize that the purpose of playing changes drastically. up until this point I have always played football because I loved playing, now I play because it allows me to go to school for a reasonable price.  I think that in a year or two once I am in a position to actually play in the games on Saturday, I will enjoy it again.  For now however my whole body hurts on a daily basis and I am still doing my best to adjust.  The one thing that I do prefer about college football though are my team mates, especially my fellow freshman class.  We all know that at the end of the day we are working towards the same goal, a 3 peat in the South Atlantic Conference, and if we all can stick it out through the transition, that is absolutely a realistic and attainable goal.


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